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Workshops und Schnupperstunden 2023


Schulferien Basel-Stadt und Baselland 2022/23
1. Semester: Beginn 15.08.2022 – Ende 22.01.2023
2. Semester: Beginn 23.01.2023 – Ende 1.07.2023
Herbstferien: 2. bis 16. Oktober 2021
Herbstferien: 1. –15. Oktober 2022
Weihnachtsferien: 24. Dezember 2022–7. Januar 2023
Fasnachts- und Sportferien: 18. Februar–4. März 2023 (Basler Fasnacht 27. Februar–1. März 2023)
Frühjahrsferien und Dreitageblock: 1.–15. April 2023 (Dreitageblock: 3.–5. April 2023)
Sommerferien: 01. Juli–12. August 2023

Feiertage 2022/23
Weihnachten: 25.–26. Dezember 2022
Basler Fasnacht: 27.Februar–1. März 2023
Ostern: 7.–10. April 2023
1. Mai
Auffahrt: 18. Mai 2023
Pfingstmontag 29. Mai 2023

Schulferien Basel-Stadt und Baselland 2023/24
1. Semester: Beginn 14.08.2023 – Ende 21.01.2024
2. Semester: Beginn 22.01.2024 – Ende 29.06.2024
Herbstferien: 30. September–14. Oktober 2023
Weihnachtsferien: 23. Dezember 2023–6. Januar 2024
Fasnachts- und Sportferien: 10. Februar–24. Februar 2024 (Basler Fasnacht 19.–21. Februar 2024)
Frühjahrsferien und Dreitageblock: 23. März–6. April 2024 (Dreitageblock: 25.–27. März 2024)
Sommerferien: 29. Juni–10. August 2024

Feiertage 2023/24
Weihnachten: 25.–26. Dezember 2023
Basler Fasnacht: 19.–21. Februar 2024
Ostern: 29. März–1. April 2024
1. Mai
Auffahrt: 9. Mai 2024
Pfingstmontag 20. Mai 2024

Aktuelle Workshops

kommen & gehen


This will be a two day intensive led by Winston Reynolds exploring the themes of 

microbatics & agility practice

8th April: 13:00 – 17:00
9th April: 10:00 – 16:00

by Winston Reynolds

The workshop is open to all levels and backgrounds, although some sort of movement practice is recommended.

In this workshop we will be working on a new and ongoing research into Microbatics, Agility & frameworks.
These three themes will be split into segments but remain related as we progress through the days. The acrobatic practice stems from a necessity of developing an approach to the world of inversions in a sustainable and somewhat holistic manner and is partially inspired by some earlier setbacks and injuries in education, which in turn required an adaptation and evolution for the working methodologies we will explore.
It forms the foundation of the practice and tries to present and invite the individual in integrating the acrobatic language seamlessly and precisely into their system. Through this approach perhaps the eventual aim being the ability of blurring the edges between what separates acrobatics and your personal movement approach.
This workshop’s second topic is agility; Where we look at understanding how to cultivate and explore different training scenarios orchestrated around the sub chapters of balance, coordination, endurance, speed, meditation and strength. While exploring these themes we will be drawing particular focus on ‘the relationship’ between learning and failure; Purposely inviting the exposure of failure in order to rediscover and recognise its function.
The third theme zooms into different frameworks of improvisation and partnering and attempts to dissect and research the various different aspects of adapting, manipulating and reacting to our own impulses and those of others. Through the different scores and propositions we look to gain experience in these different perspectives, and to create and environment which supports our practice together.
What we are interested in is to create an environment to build up an all-round adaptive mover. With this as an aim we suggest the idea of an investment into a practice composed of different forms of movement training in which to combine and create the foundation of ‘the Hybrid Mover’; alternatively described as someone who is capable of adapting themselves to a wide variety of dynamic cognitive and physical situations.
The proposed training takes inspiration from neuroscience, fighting, dancing, acrobatics, meditation, locomotion, improvisation and partnering, to attempt to extract different ingredients from these forms and introduce both already established ideas and an ongoing research into the subject cultivating a movement practice.
Winston is a member of the Ferus Animi // Terra Nova Collective, a group of cross disciplinary craftsperson’s researching in the fields of human physiology and performance, through both an artistic and scientific lens.

Winston Reynolds graduated from Circomedia, specialising in acrobatics & physical theatre (FDA, 2010-2012). And later went on to complete his Bachelor at ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Netherlands, 2012-2016). Within his research he specialised in acrobatic dance, a hybrid mix containing elements from gymnastics, capoeira, breakdancing and martial arts as well as undergoing several years of research around acrobatic contact partnering.
Within his practice he was mentored and performed ('Red Haired Men 2019-2020') with Alexander Vantournhout who helped to refine and develop his journey into his movement practice.
Alongside his development as a movement artist, he has an ongoing dialogue and study with Martin Kilvady, Marcelo Palozzo.
Winston currently leads workshops and develops distant learning programs globally and continues to develop and refine his craft both independently and collaboratively as teacher, creator, performer, and digital creator.
Winston is a member of the Ferus Animi // Terra Nova Collective, a group of cross disciplinary craftsperson researching in the fields of human physiology and performance, through both an artistic and scientific lens.

8th April 2023  13:00 – 17:00
9th April 2023  10:00 – 16:00

(Studio is available 30 minutes before and after workshop for general warm up and cool down)

Early bird 230CHF – €230 (ends 6th March 2022)
Normal 255CHF – €255

Winston Reynolds

improv & movement

movement & dance-improvisation

sunday march 19th
level: open to everybody

with Andrea Willener

we will warm up our body continuously with specific, simple movements. later on, we will discover movement qualities that will invite more freedom and fluidity, as well as gravity and lightness to our dance. different dynamics and our own imagination will enrich the guided improvisation, and the awareness of time and space can reach deeper into our bodies.

sunday, march 19th
1 hour lunchbreak
10% reduction if signing up until sunday march 5th

Andrea Willener
Mobile 076 524 18 45

Flyer PDF  

improv & movement

smooth transitions, easy lifts, expanding creativity

Sa/So 22./23. April 2023
level: basic + / intermediate

with Andrea Willener

in diesem workshop möchte ich an sanften übergängen und einfachen lifts arbeiten, und wie sie beinahe mühelos geschehen können. technische übungen, fine-tuning der physischen wahrnehmung und das wecken spielerischer kreativität werden die zutaten sein, die dieses wochenende geniessbar für dich und deinen körper machen.

SA 22.April 14:00-16:30
SO 23.april 10:00-15:00
(1 Std. Pause)
ganzer workshop 120.-*
(*10% bis sonntag 23.april)

Andrea Willener
Mobile 076 524 18 45

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kommen & gehen

Frühlings-Zyklus WorkshopsWork

Die Langsamkeit in Yoga und Tanz

Samstag, 25.3. / 29.4. / 20.5. / 17.6.2023

Susanne Daeppen

Ein Kurs für alle, die ihre authentische Yogapraxis entdecken und/oder vertiefen möchten. The Heart of Yoga ist ein atem- und prozessorientierter Yoga, der die Herzen für Liebe und Weisheit öffnet und eine tiefe Lebensqualität schenkt. Heart of Yoga ist kein Stil sondern authentische Qualitäten wie Yoga sinnvoll und nährend praktiziert wird. Es bringt uns zurück zu Einfachheit und Zufriedenheit.

Ein Kurs für alle, die sich in die Kunst der Langsamkeit vertiefen möchten. Dank bewusster Reduktion und Achtsamkeit werden wir hellwach, selbst für unscheinbare Nuancen. Mit stimmungsvoller Musik tauchen wir in den Mikrokosmos des Körpers und in die endlose Weite der Seelenlandschaft: ein poetischer Zeitlupen-Tanz entsteht, eine meditative Reise zu Dir selbst. Magie pur! Für diese Tanz-Art sind keine tänzerischen Vorkenntnisse nötig.

Susanne Daeppen
ist freischaffende Tanzpädagogin und Yogalehrerin sowie Performerin mit eigenen Tanzproduktionen unter dem Namen Dakini Dance & Yoga Projects. Ausbildungen in der Schweiz, in New York und in Japan bei Meistern wie Kazuo Ohno, Eiko & Koma im Butoh und MarkWhitwell im Heart of Yoga.

Datum und Zeit
Jeweils Samstags: 25.3. / 29.4./ 20.5. / 17.6.2023
Heart of Yoga 13:30 – 15:15 UHR
Butho/Souldance 15:30 – 17:15 UHR

Yoga CHF 160.– (4x 40.–)
Butoh CHF 160.– (4x 40.–)
Double mit Yoga & Butoh CHF 300.– (Pauschale)
Singles CHF 45.– (bitte genaues Datum angeben)

IBAN: CH21 0900 0000 3062 3429 7 S. Daeppen, 2560 Nidau

Anmeldung bis 10.2.2023 per Mail:

Chronos Movement
Tanzstudio Basel
Elisabethenstrasse 22

Anfragen und Kontakt
Susanne Daeppen
Egliweg 10
CH-2560 Nidau
Mobile +41 (0) 32 331 32 75

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